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December 8, 2005

IF GOD CAN USE... 12-8-05

If God can use an old, old man, (Gen 6)
and send the rain for a month, He can;
then God can use animals, in pairs obey,
and follow Noah to the ark that day.

If God can use flooding on the earth, (Gen 7)
and lift the Ark with all it's worth;
then God can expose a little branch,
and promise us, our little ranch.

If God can use a little dove, (Gen 8)
and bring it back with all His love;
then God can use a passing cloud,
that shout with rainbows, right out loud.

If God can use an angry sea, (Matt 8)
to toss disciples helplessly;
then God can use just one command,
calm all the seas - to solid land.

If God can use a little child, (John 6)
for a growing crowd that's getting wild;
then God can use some fish and bread,
hungry souls, and thousands fed.

If God can use an empty tomb, (John 20)
a virgin Mary - an empty womb;
then God can use a little shed,
and just a manger for a bed;

If God can use a crown of thorn, (Matt 27)
and a veil - top to bottom torn;
then God can use the quaking earth,
and thundering skies for our new birth.

If God can use a final breath, (Matt 27)
a shortened life, a cruel death;
then God can use a borrowed grave,
a missing stone, an empty cave.

If God can use the loss of sight, (Acts 9)
for Saul, the man who loved to fight;
then God can use some simple prayers,
sending messengers - proof He cares.

If God can use the blind from birth, (John 9)
and a little dust from His big earth;
then God can use what's always right,
and asks of us, our focused sight.

If God sends demons into swine, (Matt 8)
and uses water - to make wine; (John 2)
then patient, loving He must be,
to use a sinner, saved - like me.

©2005 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Psalm 66:16 (NASB)
16Come and hear, all who fear God, And I will tell of what He has done for my soul.

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