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"I do love your poems and I don't think you know how much they minister to others such as myself..." ~Anonymous. I am often unable to fully express my Thank You's for all the kind comments (through email, other poetry sites and other public networks) I receive, but I want you (my readers) to know that I really appreciate it. Emails saying that a poem is used in bulletins, sermons, book reports, E-magazines or Bible studies also encourages me. So again, I thank you very much! God is great! ~louis gander

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas! 12-14-13

A privilege, my rights aren't.  They come straight from God.
I find it offensive, I find it quite odd -
I can't say "Christ Jesus" whom God did exalt?
If someone's offended, it isn't my fault.

I am not offended when someone tells me -
they worship to baal on their bended knee.
I say, "Merry Christmas!"  I say it out loud.
I dare someone tell me it isn't allowed.

So say, "Merry Christmas!" and say it to all -
yell it from rooftops but gently in mall -
for this is the season that we all take part.
Just say it sincerely and deep from your heart.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


1 comment:

Geneva said...

"Just say it sincerely and deep from your heart." AMEN!!!!!!
Sincerely, in Christ!